Answers  101-110



Answer: Type 'Chihuahua'.

Answer: Touch all the dots before they disappear. Be fast and avoid the squares.

Answer: Search for the square tomato.

Answer: Click the big yellow sad moon.

Answer: Type 'banana' by using the B in gooseberry, the A in apple and the N in nectarine.

Answer: Follow the road. Take the first road going up and watch the wind!

Answer: Put your cursor over an answer. You will see a game over screen. Don't do anything, it will go away.

Answer: Enter 4 8 15 16 23 42 with the whitespaces and click on Execute. This sequence is from the TV Show Lost!

Answer: Click on Spidermonkey until an arrow pops out.

Answer: You need to have all your skips for this question. Just click them all to light up the circles. Congratulations!